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Wisconsin Paper Mill Relies on Aquatherm Piping System for Dye Distribution

Neenah Paper Inc., Industrial
Products Used
Blue Pipe®
Location / Date
Stevens Point, WI
March – August 2012

Aquatherm Advantages

  • PP-R material is highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • Simple heat fusion joints are easy to install and leak-proof
  • Significant labor savings compared to alternative systems

The Challenge

Installing a pipe material that would be resilient and affordable for transporting dyes used to manufacture brightly colored paper.

The Solution

Aquatherm Blue Pipe, made from polypropylene-random (PP-R), provided the advantages and quality needed for the project while offering material and labor savings.

Unique application puts Blue Pipe front and center with chemical conveyance

Neenah Paper Inc. (NPI) is a producer of premium image and performance-based products, including filtration, specialized substrates used for tapes, labels and other products, and high-end printing papers.

Following NPI's business acquisition of Wausau Paper's Astrobrights® Brand, The Whiting Mill in Stevens Point, WI needed to expand its manufacturing capability to meet the unique demand of producing brightly colored papers. To produce this brightly colored paper, staff at the central-Wisconsin paper mill sought solutions to store and distribute more than 24 different liquid dyes from one of four different sizes of supply tanks to multiple distribution points throughout the mill, and finding the right distribution piping material was top priority.

Numerous types of piping materials were considered. "Stainless steel was the default consideration, but it is expensive and some of the dyes eat through stainless pipe in a matter of weeks, which would result in a mixed-material installation, thus limiting flexibility of moving dyes between different tanks," said Kevin Calhoun, mechanical engineer at NPI.